Best Way To Learn Python For Free In 2022

There are many best ways to Learn Python For Free. Python is now a popular and most prominent language used in new emerging technologies such as data science, security, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. It is also used in web and software development due to its efficiency, versatility, and ease of learning. At 1st point easy and most prominent language is javascript and then python is the second most prominent language on Github. There are several ways to learn Python take a course at a nearby university or community college find free online resources, or use one of the many Python libraries available to help you build software quickly.

What is Python?

Python is one of the most programming languages that is used in web development (server-side, software development, mathematics, system scripting and is also used in many other platforms. It has many good features like built-in data structures, and dynamic binding, which make it very attractive for Rapid Application Development.

Always Python Release New version Python 3 is the latest version. It has a built-in library that makes it useful for learners fastly.


Python features are-

  • Easy to Code: Python needs Less time to learn compared to another language. Every person learns Python in a few hours or a few days if a person is fully interested. If he wants to learn its advanced concepts, packages, and modules then some more time requires to learn python completely.
  • Open Source and free: You can use python completely free, even for commercial purposes download the python code and modify or use it in your project.
  • Easy to Read: Python code is very easy to read it looks like the English language. In python code no use of semicolons or brackets that make it very easy to use.
  • Extensive libraries: Python has extensive libraries with rich modules and functions that help you to complete your project fastly. You can find reusable code for processes like image manipulation, databases, unit testing, expressions, and a lot of other functionalities.
  • Portable: You can use your name code on different platforms like Windows, macOS, Unix, or Linux. So due to this feature python code is portable.

Fastest and Best Way To Learn Python For Free

There are many ways to learn python offline and online. Now we will provide you with our best choice to learn for free without any cost.

1. Python Udemy Course Free

Udemy is a popular online course provider that offers different types of courses on different topics. They have Python courses and Udemy courses that are generally well-organized and provide resources such as handouts, quizzes, and many other things. Additionally, their customer service is available 24/7 to help students with any questions or problems. 

Udemy Provides free and paid courses for all students. So if you want to learn python with the help of a video tutorial then udemy is the best place to learn.

Their free Learn Python for Total Beginners course is good for all students. This course provides fundamentals of any programming language, with Python, Anaconda with Jupyter Notebook, and many other a lot of guidelines. This course is provided in the English Language and provided topics to Learn like:

  • You will Learn Python Variables and comparison operators Strings, slicing and formatting Lists, Dictionaries, and Tuples control flow (if, elif, else).
  • You will learn more with the help of  7 exercises with solutions.
  • You will Learn How to install python and  Jupyter Notebook IDE
  • This python course is good for beginners

Some Features of this Course:

  • Course type: Free Video-based
  • Duration: 10 sections 39 lectures and 6h 42m total video course Duration
  • Students enrolled: 136,636 students
  • Ratings: 4.4
  • Prerequisites: Only a Laptop or Cell Phone is required for watching the video tutorial
  • Certificate: No

The other course name is Learn Python – Python Programming For Beginners From Scratch. It is the best free udemy course for a new student who has absolutely no idea about Python or any other programming. In this course, you will learn with the help of exercises. The Instructor of this course teaches how to install and write a program and cover topics:

  • Learn Python Basics
  • Solve Python problems in this course
  • You will get a lot of knowledge which will increase your programming knowledge.

Some features of this course:

  • Course type: Free Video-based
  • Duration: 13 sections, 21 lectures  55m Course Duration
  • Students enrolled: 59,638 students
  • Ratings: 4.1
  • Prerequisites: Only a Laptop
  • Certificate: No

Udemy Introduction To Python Programming course is a Quick and Easy to Learn Python Programming. This course has an English video tutorial and you will learn:

  • You will Learn the Python variable strings and data types and much more
  • You will learn how to write and run the code
  • Learn fully basic concepts of python

Some features of the course include:

  • Course type: Free Video-based
  • Duration: 3 sections 18 lectures and 1h 39m Complete video course length
  • Students enrolled: 745,536 students
  • Ratings: 4.4
  • Prerequisites: Computer or Laptop
  • Certificate: No

Udemy Course Name Python from Beginner to Intermediate in 30 min is the best course to learn fastly Just in 1 Hour. You will learn Complete Python Programming in 30 min and Get ready for Advanced Concepts like File handling and object-oriented programming. This course cover topics like:

  • You will Learn python basic and advanced concepts
  • Learn Functions, modules, and strings in Python
  • Learn advanced concept sequences, conditional, loop statementsFile handling, and object-oriented programming.

Some features of the course include:

  • Course type: Free Video-based
  • Duration: 9 sections 30 lectures and 1h 32m Course Duration
  • Students enrolled: 124,396 students already Enrolled
  • Ratings: 4.2
  • Prerequisites: Computer or Laptop
  • Certificate: No

Udemy Course Python for Absolute Beginners is a good course for university or college students who are interested in python programming. In this course, You will learn all the basic concepts of python programming. This course covers topics Like:

  • Learn how to Setup an IDE
  • Learn how to install Python on Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Learn how to Run Python scripts

Some features of the course include:

  • Course type: Free Video-based
  • Duration: 4 sections 26 lectures  and 2h 15m video course length
  • Students enrolled: 99,623 students already Enrolled
  • Ratings: 4.2
  • Prerequisites: Computer or Laptop
  • Certificate: No

2. Python Codecademy Course Free

Codecademy offers some free courses that can help beginners learn the basics of Python, including Intermediate Python, Dive Into Python 3, and Data Science with Pandas. These courses provide a good way to learn the basics of Python.

They provide some theoretical Concepts and ask learners to write Python code online utilizing the concepts. The Course Learn Python 3 covers all basic concepts of python. It is the best course for beginner and intermediate students. This course is very popular among pro programmers Facebook Google and NASA employee are already enrolled and taking this course.

This Course Cover Topics:

  • Run the Python program if you are a beginner
  • You will Learn Lists Control Flow Loops and Function
  • Learn Python string and console output

This is the best course you can run exercise directly on the browser no need to install python and Codeacademy also provide a code editor free of cost.

Features of This Course

  • Course type: Video-based
  • Duration: 25 hours Complete Course Duration
  • Certificate: Only Pro Member can get a certificate
  • Prerequisites: None


This website provides different articles that will help you learn the basics of this programming language. It is a free resource to learn python. It provides text base information and is very useful for both beginners and Expert Learners. It covers all basic concepts from basic to scratch.

  • It provides basic and brief information related to python
  • It will provide you with a complete guide on how to install python, IDE, and interpreters, and also you can see the tutorial.
  • is very helpful for advanced concepts. It is also good for problem solution issue tracking and troubleshooting


  • Course type: Text-based
  • Prerequisites: Laptop
  • Certificate: No
  • This website provides python Knowledge in 81 Language
  • A learner can get fun by solving the problem exercises and quizzes

4. Learn Python on Coursera

Coursera is a platform that offers free courses on different programming languages. These courses have been designed by experts in the field and provide a detailed introduction to the language. They provide quizzes and assignments to help you practice what you have learned.

Coursera provides Crash Course on Python provided by google. This is the best and most prominent course to cover the basic concept of python. This course is translated into many other languages with the help of subtitles. This Course Cover topics

  • Learn How to Run a 1st Hello World Program
  • Learn Basic python concept
  • Learn Loops Strings, Lists, and Dictionaries Object Oriented Programming
  • In the end, complete the final project

Features of Course

  • Course type: Video-based
  • Duration: Approximate 28 hours to complete
  • Ratings: 4.8
  • Students enrolled: 574,980 already enrolled
  • Certification: Only pro members can get certificates. You can also share your certificate on LinkedIn, on professional networks, and with employers
  • Prerequisites: None

5. DataCamp Course

Datacamp offers a course on Python that is designed for beginners. They provide a detailed introduction to the language, with exercises and projects at the end of each lesson. Datacamp also offers a forum for users to ask questions and share tips, as well as access to supplemental materials such as video lectures and code examples. This course is free.

They offer a course — Introduction to Python free of cost. This course is designed for data analysis and also covers scientific computing with NumPy. This course provides 11 videos and 57 exercises free of cost. This course cover topic:

  • In the 1st & 2nd chapter, you will learn Python Basics and Python Lists
  • In the 3rd & 4th Chapter, you will learn Functions and Packages and NumPy
  • You will Learn data analysis tools completely
  • Learn How to utilize Python using a script


  • Course type: Video-based
  • Duration: 4 hours need to complete this course
  • Students enrolled: 3.2 million+
  • Ratings: 4.6/5
  • Prerequisites: Just a Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn account is required


Edx has a variety of courses available to help beginners learn Python. All courses are online so there is a perfect option for anyone looking to get started with the language.

This course Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python is a free course. You will learn how to solve real-world analytical problems using Python.


  • Course type: Video-based
  • Duration: Estimated 9 weeks need to complete this course
  • Students enrolled: 18.6k +
  • Prerequisites: Just a Google account is required
  • Certificate: $75.00 for Certificate

7. (Learn Python on Youtube Free)

Learn python free of cost on youtube. Learn Python – Full Course for Beginners is a completely free course. You can learn python from basic concepts to advance concepts. If you are a beginner or expert this course is very useful for everyone.

  • Learn the basic Python concepts
  • You will learn Casting, slicing, tuples, join and split, etc.
  • You will also learn dictionaries, mutability, Regex, and list comprehension
  • Learn Web scraping
  • You will Complete Project at the end of the course
  • Get Python Freelancer Guide


  • Course type: Video-based
  • Duration: Estimated 5 Hours need to complete this course
  • Students view : 33,477,488
  • Prerequisites: No
  • Certificate: No

8. Learn python with the help of Books

The best way to learn Python is by reading a book. After reading the book, you will be able to understand the Python language better and start writing code. offer free books for beginner. If you want to learn python with the help of books this website provides you lot of books to improve your learning free of cost.

List of Free Books



Where to learn python free?

All Platforms above in this article are free of cost. You can learn python free with the help of the udemy free course. Otherwise, you can start as a beginner on youtube.

How to learn python for free at home?

If you want to learn python for free at home then you need to get enrollment in any courses provided by Coursera Udemy and Youtube

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