The complete Investing course with Ichimoku on Crypto Stock

Learn Financial Trading and Investing Strategies from a Top Trader. Using Ichimoku Automation alert system to analyze.

You will learn

  • How to define Golden trend
  • How to define a sideway
  • Define momentum of market
  • Understading Line theories, Wave theories, Time theories
  • When market will have long trend/short trend
  • A map to do Fundamental analyzation
  • Two main factors for macro-economy
  • Money Flow of Financial market
  • Finding the trending industry
  • Using 4M method to read a company info
  • A map to investing LOW CAP COIN
  • Money Flow of Crypto market
  • How to find a “ Pump machine” for low cap coin
  • Estimate the price target
  • Step by step to trade with automation alert system – For busy people
  • The case you should skip trading
  • A power method to control Risk


  • Understand the basic about Finance market : Stock, Crypto, Forex
  • Have motivation and serious attitude to practice the strategy


In this course, you will learn Investing and Swing Trading Strategies with Ichimoku for the Stock, Crypto and Forex Market.

You will know how to use Ichimoku Automation Alert system to mange up to 100 assets at the same time. The signal will be sent to your smart phone whenever a trend appear on the chart.
You don’t need to monitor the chart all the time and control psychology better.

You will know how to analyze Fundamental analyzation on Stock and Crypto market.
Knowing how to choose the potential projects to multiple your capital with Low cap coin.

If you’re busy trader or part time trader, you can use Ichimoku Automation Alert system to trade as the last section with detail examples on any market.

The current Strategies in this course are:

  • Ichimoku with DCA                   – Invest Stock/Crypto
  • Small base trading strategy – Trading Crypto and Forex
  • Big base trading strategy       – Trading on any assets

You will also receive a permission to use Automation trading alert system to follow this strategy.

You will also get my support on Q&A/Discussion part anytime, I always willing to reply any your concern when you’re practicing and investing.

Furthermore, you get plenty of insight that will help you reduce risk and increase your level of success.

Please take a look at the course outline, and see you in the course!

Who this course is for:

  • New and Experienced Traders who want to be profitable in trading and investing
  • The officer and part-time traders who want to learn a strategy to manage many assets easier.
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